Babel Entertainment dedicates itself to presenting & promoting Japanese Pop Culture that includes but not limited to J-ROCK, Japanese Metal, JPOP, Anime Culture, Gaming, and Visual Kei to events across the world. It also focuses heavily on its "East Meets West" philosophy of music as a language of one. Helping both Western & Eastern artist come together in both Japan & abroad.  Originally starting its beginnings in San Francisco, CA, it has since expanded its offices in Osaka, Japan, & Tokyo, Japan.


Founder, Shion Francois started DJ’n 24/7 Pure JROCK with the start of JSHOXX radio in San Francisco, CA. Because of the fast growth of the streaming radio station in 2008, he began grabbing the attention of many media outlets in the JPOP culture industries. Shion has been featured in Anime Insider Magazine, Cure Magazine (Japan), ASKEW Magazine, and SHOXX Magazine Japan, just to name a few. He has been invited to many Japanese Pop Culture events across the United States as well as Japan as a guest of honor to speak about the JROCK & JPOP industry. He has been heard on Japanese legendary guitar hero TAKASHI O'HASHI'S Japan’s FM Radio Show “Mind O Nation.” He has also appeared as a guest on KZOO Radio in Honolulu, HI. You can also catch Shion as a guest host on Anime Networks Bento Beat Box episode 6 that appeared on national T.V. in the United States.



Babel Entertainment has been called time and time again to help promote live events across the U.S. that include X-JAPAN, Luna Sea, Miyavi, Dir En Grey, VAMPS, L’arc En Ciel, and from Western labels such as Century Media and Victory Records to name a few.


Today, Babel Entertainment continues as one of the leaders in Promoting, Marketing, Managing, and Presenting Japanese Pop Culture in the United States. From indies to major music artist including Mardelas, D, SEIKIMA II, Earthbound Papas (Nobuo Uematsu), Hitoshi "Saki" Sakimoto (FINAL FANTASY), DJ livetune (Hatsune Miku), to fashion designers, & Japanese voice actors & Directors. Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming “Babel Presents” shows by visiting our site often!


To help spread the world as music is a language of one, Babel Magazine was created as a limited print run magazine that featured an East Meets West vibe of Rock.  It featured Japanese & Western artist such as D, BLOOD STAIN CHILD, Gus G (FIREWIND, OZZY OSBOURNE), SEIKIMA II, Sister Sin, and more. 


Other credits that Shion has under his belt is his contribution to the Visual Kei band ALSDEAD. He has written lyrics and provided backup vocals to their albums. He also executive produced Nobuo Uematsu’s U.S. CD release of Octave Theory and Dancing Dad, as well as SABER TIGER, & NSDP’s first U.S. CD Release. Shion Directed and Produced Cats In Boots / SEIKIMA II guitarist TAKASHI O'HASHI aka E.M. JAIL O'HASHI music video "Universal Flower."  He helped create & coordinate his first East Meets West tour in Japan March 2015 with L.A. Guns vocalist Phil Lewis & Faster Pussycat guitarist Brent Muscat by joining them with Japanese rock stars of Saber Tiger, Earth Shaker, & Diablo Grande.  Most recently, Shion was the executive producer for the Alley Cats LV EP featuring Western Guitar hero Brent Muscat of Faster Pussycat, & TAKASHI O'HASHI of SEIKIMA II/CATS IN BOOTS.  The EP release sparked a successful U.S. and Japan tour in January 2017.  Currently, he is lending his talents to producing other East Meets West music, and gaming projects which include marketing, directing, & voice acting.  His latest works can be found on the Major Hard Rock band "Mardelas" third major studio album and latest EP "Ground Zero" as English Lyrics Director released May 22nd, 2019.


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